Lately I've been pondering on all the wonderful things in my life.  Deciding to start Forever Western was definitely a jump off a cliff moment for me.  I've worked in Health Care for 24 years.  In those 24 years I've learned life is too short.  Therefore I re-examined by roots and passion for life and yes, started an online boutique.

Growing up on a small ranch in Debs, MN since I was 9 years was the perfect way for this country girl to grow up.  This entailed riding my horses, showing, hunting and always having to help on the ranch.  My sisters and I were active in 4-H and also showed local horse shows in our area.  Our ranch "Hee Haw Hill Ranch" was known for our mammoth jack "Wilbur" which we studded out.  Wilbur produced many mules in a tri-state area.  

After High School I moved to St. Cloud, MN to go to X-Ray School.  My Dad worked at our local Hospital as the Director of Rehabilitation Services.  This inspired my sisters and I to all go into medical fields. Getting my first job in Park Rapids, MN got me closer to home.  Shortly after that, I was able to get back to home.

Fast forward to 23 years later when I fell off my horse and broke my left arm and dislocated my right thumb.  This required surgeries on both upper extremities.  Yes, at once and yes completely horrible.  I had time to re-evaluate my life and dreams. My dream of western fashion has always been quite apparent.  Two weeks after my surgeries, I lost my Step-Mother unexpectedly.  Again, I was re-examining my life.  My roots have always been western and many different forms of western.   I needed to follow this.

And now we have Forever Western Boutique, LLC!!  Let's go for a ride!!!