Taos Tote Bag

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Taos Tote Bag from Ranch Dressn.

This is a large canvas tote with a front pocket.  It is great for hanging off your saddle horse for your wraps, helmet, rubber bands and more!!  You can also use this for the beach or the lake, at the grocery store, and so much more!  It can be easily washed as well by simply throwing it in the washer and letting it air dry.  Rodeo moms who are in charge of snacks, the halter, the rubber bands, the helmet, the camera…this is for you.  This bag can easily carry 20 pounds without feeling the stress of the weight on the straps.

-Bag measures 16” wide x 6” deep x 15” tall

-One front Pocket

-No inner pockets, open tote

Taos Tote Bag - Forever Western Boutique