Embossed Cowboy Turquoise Leather Clutch Handbag

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Clutches are intended to make a statement and complete an outfit, and this  Embossed Clutch does that and so much more. This gorgeous handbag is made from genuine, embossed leather. The color contrast that it features is only one of the many reasons that this clutch will guarantee compliments all night long.   There is something that is unique and classy about this piece, making it impossible not to love it. Measuring 6” x 9”, this clutch offers you the space that you need to carry everything you need on a night out. With 8” fringe on each side of the clutch, there’s no doubt about it — this is the handbag you’ve been dreaming about.   This one-of-a-kind clutch comes with an 8” wristlet to make caring the clutch even easier. With the option to turn this into a crossbody bag, it’s no wonder so many adore this handbag. 

Embossed Cowboy Turquoise Leather Clutch Handbag - Forever Western Boutique